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This “Day” of Love.

A mid-February winter’s day “specifically” for lovers. It’s a day to unload your checking account into the coffers of Hallmark, Godiva, Zales and the local restaurant of your choice where a small prix fare dinner for two will easily cost you half a car payment.

Daryl and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day anymore. At the onset of our relationship we felt it was important to celebrate since Daryl really didn’t have the opportunity to actually HAVE a long term Valentine and I thought it was only fair that he get to experience the pressure of trying to satisfy his “luvah” with hearts and flowers. Once he got the hang of it, we pretty much decided it was a moot point. Valentine’s Day is every day for us (puke, but true).

Besides… imagine the stares at your local restaurant when two interracial older guys sit at a candlelit table for two (think suburbs here). I know, I know that YOU don’t care and are accepting and (Laugh Out Loud) TOLERANT, but watch us kiss and hold hands at the table like most couples and well, it just doesn’t cut it. We COULD go to the city, but who wants to drink and drive.

Lesbians have it easy. Two chicks, dining together, touching each other and staring into each other’s eyes draw stares of envy from the male of most couples while he imagines himself in some sort of three-way with them where he’s tied up and these women just want to be satisfied all night long. Dream on pal.

Regardless, Daryl and I will probably celebrate the day like most days. I actually work 12 hours today so sex is definitely out of the question (well never really definitely) and dinner will more than likely be a stop at Wawa on the way home for a meatball shorti and a Butterscotch Krimpet. The glow of the TV with a rerun of Will and Grace will be OUR candlelight and our kiss goodnight will be a moment shared only by us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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unknown lover…

someday we’ll meet
now blind to see
the we in me
i know we’ll live tomorrow

so time can show
as lovers know
where we can go
within our hearts true love

as you and i
will grasp our sky
beyond the whys and hows of love
together as we embrace

to feel
such secret dark night dance
becoming real as light
our unseen souls to flood

fate may tempt our journey
sweet one of mine
as we will find a way
to be.


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